Real Estate

  1. Sale / Purchase:

    The Company strives hard to serve the needy public in locating and getting them or disposing their Real Estate Property in a hastle free manner including legal clearance, inspection and registration formalities. The company recently undertook this measure in order to save public from the clutches unscrupulous brokers and middlemen. It will create a healthy platform in our office to make both the parties meet in a congenial atmosphere to clinch the deal and shake hands.

  2. Maintain Properties:

    NRI’s or parents visiting wards for months will like to have their house maintained periodically, taxes & bill paid and the house be kept & tidy for them to reenter as it they had not left the home.

Auditing Services

The services rendered under this category includes:

  • Energy Audit
  • Safety Audit
  • Environmental Audit
  • Steam Audit
  • Air Audit

Energy Audit

Govt had clamped an all major industries to carry out energy audit or face penalties with the result all industries have to necessary do energy audit.

Our Company had been declared as the accredited energy auditors and several energy audits had been done over different type of Industries. In every instance, lot of measures have been suggested to the industries and are being implemented successfully.

Industries major and minor can avail our service to cut down their energy bill in a systematic manner.

Our Mr. R M. Mayileru is an energy auditor certified by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency.

Safety Audit

Foundries and Industries dealing with fertilizers, solvent extraction and distillation etc have been identified as hazardous ones by the Factories Act and are directed to conduct safety audit periodically and submit the same to factory inspectorate. Safety Audit will be conducted by persons who have been in this field for many years gaining profound expertise in safety aspects and subjects. We have been preferred by Industries in general on account of our three decades multi-disciplinary experience and commendable service to the industries.

Our safety audit team comprises of a retired Chief Inspector of Factories and a retired Chief Electrical Engineer with whose counsel and wisdom we conduct safety audit and recommend practical measures.

Environmental Audit

Currently, importers of other countries insist that the Indian source should practice environmentally safe procedures and comply with local environmental stipulations. Reports conferred on such compliance by outside agencies namely environmental audit is done by us to many Indian Exporters. As Charted Engineers, we can conduct environmental audit and issue reports to any authority be Indian or other Countries. For many limited companies as per the Companies Act, it had been mandated that there should be an environmental audit and a report on the same should be annexed to the balance sheet. Whereas for non Limited companies, the Pollution Act itself had brought out measures for submission of annual environmental audit reports by self or outside agencies. Our Company had been undertaking such environmental audits in the recent past, by virtue of our sustained practice and presence in the field for more than 15 years.

Steam Audit

Thermal or heat is the another major form of energy, conservation of which is a major responsibility of every industry. But it is never given a thought of as is done in the electrical energy. We have enough expertise to identify the heat loss and hence save the industry's 10% of their fuel bill.

Air Audit

Compressed air generally consumes 7 - 10% of an industry's power bill but is utilized only to an efficiency of 20 - 30%. If a routine and conventional audit is done, the efficiency can be brought up to 50%, thus saving a power bill of 2%.