Real Estate

  1. Sale / Purchase:

    The Company strives hard to serve the needy public in locating and getting them or disposing their Real Estate Property in a hastle free manner including legal clearance, inspection and registration formalities. The company recently undertook this measure in order to save public from the clutches unscrupulous brokers and middlemen. It will create a healthy platform in our office to make both the parties meet in a congenial atmosphere to clinch the deal and shake hands.

  2. Maintain Properties:

    NRI’s or parents visiting wards for months will like to have their house maintained periodically, taxes & bill paid and the house be kept & tidy for them to reenter as it they had not left the home.

Chartered Engineers Certification

The services rendered under this category includes:

  • To certify the import of parts
  • To issue other Certificates for any Government bodies
  • Nexus certificate
  • Installation certificate
  • Public building stability certificate

To certify the import of parts

Importing Spares for imported machines will be permitted only if a certificate by Charted Engineer is issued justifying the necessity and specification, quantity, etc. We are renowned for issuing such certificates after due inspection and verification.

To issue other Certificates for any Government bodies

There are several occasions and issues where the technical aspects or particulars need to be verified by the Government Department/Agency. But, such department/agency not having technical personnel stipulate that a Chartered Engineer visits and inspects the technical aspects/particulars on their behalf and a certificate be issued in lieu of that. We are such Chartered Engineers practicing over two decades with clean records.

Nexus certificate

Whenever capital goods are imported, Customs Department expect the importer to produce a certificate from Chartered Engineers to the effect that the machine being imported is for producing the importer's end product and without that machine the product cannot be manufactured.

Installation certificate

This is the certificate issued by the Chartered Engineers for having verified that the imported machine has been duly installed and put to use and thus fulfilling part & import obligations.

Public Building Stability Certificate

Since 1976, after the school building tragedy in Madurai, Tamil Nadu government had introduced as act called “Public Building Act and Rules”. Therein the public building had been defined as school, lodges, colleges, marriage halls, mall, complex and all other places, where public have access without any prior permission. Such buildings have to obtain stability certificate, for their building once in 3 years. Such certificate is issued by us after due inspection and checking up of calculation.