Real Estate

  1. Sale / Purchase:

    The Company strives hard to serve the needy public in locating and getting them or disposing their Real Estate Property in a hastle free manner including legal clearance, inspection and registration formalities. The company recently undertook this measure in order to save public from the clutches unscrupulous brokers and middlemen. It will create a healthy platform in our office to make both the parties meet in a congenial atmosphere to clinch the deal and shake hands.

  2. Maintain Properties:

    NRI’s or parents visiting wards for months will like to have their house maintained periodically, taxes & bill paid and the house be kept & tidy for them to reenter as it they had not left the home.


  • CAD Drawing for Civil/Mechanical Items
  • Structural designs for Trusses, Buildings, Industrial Structures
  • Project Management Assignments
  • Surveying & Leveling
  • Physical Stock verification of Coal/Minerals with “Total Station”
  • Restoration of R.C.C structure & Leak Arresting
  • Fire safety

Civil: CAD Drawing for Civil/Mechanical Items

Industrial, Civil and Mechanical drawings that are to be converted in to a CD are to be drawn in AutoCAD. We possess skilled personnel and sophisticated machinery to create such drawings. Certain Industries may like to duplicate some machines locally for which they require the services of Engineers to dismantle study and prepare drawings for onward making. We had already done similar jobs in the past in a very reliable and confidential manner.

Civil: Structural designs for Trusses, Buildings, Industrial Structures

We can design industrial structures like RCC, Steel etc conceiving major projects like Foundries, Re rolling mills, textiles, food industries, designing aesthetic and purpose oriented structures is a routine subject for us to the optimum level employing latest STADPRO computer techniques. We understand the design situation clearly and trap the exact requirements. Analysis and design is brought out and then modified to suit the practical demands. We have handled several situations in RCC retaining wall of 20 M height, RCC dumping silo, Klinker silo; Revamping of aged truss, multi storied commercial complex and steel structures for Chemical plants, etc.

Civil: Project Management Assignments

We have undertaken many project monitoring assignments for major projects to complete on time, chasing up all the agencies involved in the project. For major entrepreneurs and professionals, a project management agency to deal with architect, engineer, contractor and other agencies, monitor and chase them to have the project completed on time. This is an arrangement wherein the owners ask only the project management agency - i.e., quality, cost and time, instead of enquiring all the agencies and ending up with no concrete answer nor result.

Many projects have been done from concept to commissioning stage.

Civil: Surveying & Leveling

We undertake surveying and leveling with latest equipments like Total Station, Theodolite and trained manpower. Industries or persons, who require to prepare topo sketches, excavation/filling estimates can avail our services. Survey instruments to undertake land survey, area compilation and plotting, etc. are also available with us.

Civil: Physical Stock verification of Coal/Minerals with total station

Quantity measurement of coal, mineral, pulp and other bulk raw materials is always a laborious, time consuming but an ever-guessing exercise. With total station equipment, such measurements have been made easy & exact.

Civil: Restoration of R.C.C structure & Leak Arresting

Wherever R.C.C. members have given way and turning out to be perilous or where RCC Roofs are leaking, we restore them to their normal function without dismantling, evacuation or any such disruption. The restoration is done in a record time of 2 - 3 days. We employ imported and proven techniques and chemicals, which assure 100% results and accuracy.

We have served prestigious firms like Lakshmi Mills, ACC, in this regard. Leak arresting is another major area where commendable work had been done by us deploying several techniques and materials. Cellar, tanks, floorings where water oozing is a bothersome, can be solved by us as a matter of routine.

Civil: Fire Safety

Now a day’s every building other than residence needs to have a clearance or NOC from fire department. Hence it warrants a building plan, need to be prepared for the requirements, as stipulated in National Building code for submission and approval. Such plans are prepared by us and approval and obtain by us.