Real Estate

  1. Sale / Purchase:

    The Company strives hard to serve the needy public in locating and getting them or disposing their Real Estate Property in a hastle free manner including legal clearance, inspection and registration formalities. The company recently undertook this measure in order to save public from the clutches unscrupulous brokers and middlemen. It will create a healthy platform in our office to make both the parties meet in a congenial atmosphere to clinch the deal and shake hands.

  2. Maintain Properties:

    NRI’s or parents visiting wards for months will like to have their house maintained periodically, taxes & bill paid and the house be kept & tidy for them to reenter as it they had not left the home.

Industrial Services

The services offered under this category includes:


  • Repairs & Services of Chain Block, Hoists, Cranes & Other Equipments
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Test
  • Calibration of Pressure gauges, temperature gauges or measuring instruments with due accreditation from NABL.
  • Design of new crane

Mechanical: Repairs & Services of Chain Block, Hoists, Cranes & Other Equipments

We hold the necessary spares and personnel for repairing and servicing all the lifting tackles and other equipments. We also certify the equipments under Factories Act after repairing. In these three decades of service, we have handled various types & models of equipment. We also undertake AMCs (Annual Maintenance Contracts) for Hoists, EOTs on very reasonable fees and terms.

Our associates concern Ambigai Enterprises will carry out such repairs.

Mechanical: Ultrasonic Thickness Test

Measuring thickness of pressure vessels, pipes and other containers while in service is a major maintenance tool in the hand of the management. Many industries prefer an outside agency to do this job with some authority and status which we fulfill being chartered engineers. We measure, certify and recommend about remedial actions as such.

Our associates concern MM Associates will carry out such ultrasonic thickness test.

Mechanical: Calibration of Pressure gauges, temperature gauges or measuring instruments with NABL accreditation

In the advert of ISO certification, calibration of all instruments has become a statute and annual or bi-annual event. Current instruments are removed and taken to the calibration center thus leaving the industries devoid of one or more working days. Whereas, we prefer to make it mobile and bring the calibration facility at the doorstep of industries and make the calibration instant, thus saving a lot of man power, transport and production downtime.

Our associates concern MM Associates had obtain NABL accreditation to carry out such calibration.

Mechanical: Design of new crane

Cranes, either EOT, jib or of gantry type can be designed to suit client's requirement, in a most economic and reliable manner. All drawings namely general assembly, detailed part drawings, etc can all be furnished to fabricate the crane in house through reliable contractors.