Real Estate

  1. Sale / Purchase:

    The Company strives hard to serve the needy public in locating and getting them or disposing their Real Estate Property in a hastle free manner including legal clearance, inspection and registration formalities. The company recently undertook this measure in order to save public from the clutches unscrupulous brokers and middlemen. It will create a healthy platform in our office to make both the parties meet in a congenial atmosphere to clinch the deal and shake hands.

  2. Maintain Properties:

    NRI’s or parents visiting wards for months will like to have their house maintained periodically, taxes & bill paid and the house be kept & tidy for them to reenter as it they had not left the home.

Pollution Control Services

The services rendered under this category includes:

  • Pollution Control Consultancy & Turnkey Projects
  • Obtaining Consent From Pollution Control Board
  • Analysis of Air & Water
  • Stack monitoring & noise level monitoring

Pollution Control Consultancy & Turnkey Projects

We have been in this field ever since the enforcement of the Pollution Control Act i.e. in 1986. We started with Projects like Tea Factory Waste Water Treatment and went on to deal with canteen wastewater treatment. Over the years we developed a biodegradable wastewater treatment process / device to the extent of generating bio gas plants. Now we have a solution for all types of wastewater treatment.

With regard to wastewater, on small projects it could be consultancy and / or turnkey basis. On larger projects, it will be only consultancy wherein we can show trials on Pilot Plants and the subsequent execution can be by the party. Our main objective and belief is to provide an appropriate and economical solution.

We also extend practical solution to the Air Pollution Problems. We can undertake turnkey jobs in this regard from concept to commissioning with no hassle.

Obtaining Consent From Pollution Control Board

Nowadays, industries face a lot of problems in obtaining the "consent to start" as well as "consent to run" before they commission their projects. During these procedures, elaborate forms need to be filled wherein the industries do expose themselves and get into problem. Moreover future plans need to be prepared as annexure. There are other technical data that need to be brought in but with advertence. We organize all these problems and liaise with the government in obtaining you the consent, on reasonable charges. The charges will be proportionate to the consultancy involved in treating the effluents/emissions.

Analysis of Air & Water

  • Analysis of water for process & portability
  • Analysis of effluent
  • Checking ambient air quality

Stack monitoring & noise level monitoring

  • Analysis of emissions from genset & boilers by stack monitoring
  • Noise level measurement & certification
  • Lux level monitoring
  • Measurement of humidity